Disha Brown-Butler, Pharm. D

Dr. Butler, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She received my primary education from various school districts throughout St. Louis, and graduated high school from McCluer North in 2003. After high school, she attended pharmacy school at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, where she received her Pharm. D. "I can remember being in elementary school, where I befriended a girl in my class with sickle cell. That was the first time I had ever heard of the disease. What I can remember most about her was that she missed a lot days of school, and I really didnít understand why. When she would return, sometimes after weeks of being absent, I would ask her what happened, and she would just say Ďmy sickle cellí. I can remember feeling sorry for her and just wished whatever it was would go away."

Dr Butler cont'd "While in pharmacy school, I was reintroduced to sickle cell disease through one of my lectures. I was intrigued by the disease and wanted to know more. I donít feel that sickle cell gets the attention that is needed to bring the awareness necessary for a cure. I think about my friend from elementary school, along with my family members, and friends who have the disease. Unfortunately, I meet patients on a regular basis who suffer from this disease. I am grateful for this organization, who care enough to raise awareness, so that one day, the suffering will end."

Dr Butler's passion and care for the underserved sick needies around us, attracted her to support and work with Sickle Cell Enigma Consultants "Universal Mission" in the course of find a lastinf solution to their pain and agonies.


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